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4 Week Subscription featuring our lettuce-free signature FarmRoof® SuperGreens mix. New CSA members are given a re-useable cooler.

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Delivery frequency
: Weekly

This 4 Week subscription includes four weekly 10 Oz. deliveries of our signature FarmRoof® SuperGreens. This lettuce-free mix is a delicious nutrient packed blend of heirloom baby kales, arugula, and asian mustard. All New CSA Members receive a re-useable FarmRoof® collapsable cooler to keep their precious super foods cool!

FarmRoof® SuperGreens are grown using our special soil which has been infused with more than 70 minerals, trace elements, micro-nutrients, and billions of indigenous microorganisms (IMOs), making for a nutritional value much higher than a typical salad. Our SuperGreens integrate beautifully into our everyday lifestyle, a super food foundation to the salads we already enjoy!

Our CSA membership is a 4 week commitment which auto-renews unless canceled.

CSA members are permitted to put deliveries on hold should they be unable to pick-up their weekly share (requires 72 hours advance notice).

CSA members are allowed to change their pick-up location throughout their membership period (requires 72 hours advance notice).

FarmRoof® is the world’s first and only certified organic green roof system.

At FarmRoof® we design, install and operate rooftop farms that give urban communities better access to seasonal, local, and organic foods. Our growing system is scalable and proven and provides a plethora of social, environmental, and economic benefits.

Certified Organic by International Certification Services, Inc.